Cover letter

Welcome on my personal site.


This site presents my professional experience and my competence.

My experience and ability revolves around customer service and around customer relationship management.

Co-founder of EdgeCall France and manager of EdgeCall Morocco located in Casablanca. The main mission of EdgeCall is to outsource customer relationship mangement activities (incoming and outgoing calls). Edgecall arranges these own production capacities in Morocco and in Spain, but also produces for these customers with partnership in Rumania, in Argentina. EdgeCall addresses the customers wishing to go towards the offshore or nearshore.

- General Manager of EdgeCall Morocco (Moroccan subsidiary of EdgeCall)

- Director of the operations of EdgeCall


I was able to acquire this experience due to the diverse responsibilities that I practiced in the following domains:


Consultant in charge of functional and operational audits of the contact centers of the Call Center Alliance group. I was able to carry out the following missions:

- Definition and implementation of organizational policies within the group.

- Audit and reorganize the contacts centers.

- Leads detection and answers to offers.


Operations Director of SCA (Solution Centre d’appels) within the France Telecom group.

- Implementation and management of 6 call centers in France and in Belgium.

- Choice of the technologies

- Implementation and follow-up of the solutions adapted to the demands of the customers (Microsoft, ING direct, TeleTVA, Orange)


European Account Manager for Sykes and in charge of the accounts Hewlett Packard and General Electric Medical System for Europe. Initiation of the following task:

- Implementation of the contact centers (France, Netherland, Germany, Italy)

- Management of the relation customer (answers to offers)

- Management of 800 agents via 65 local supervisors and 13 Responsible for local accounts

- Progress of billing and profits.


Responsible of the operations for Europe within the group Stream International for the following accounts:

- Microsoft (customer and technical services for the OS cluster)

 - Hewlett Packard

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